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[art block] Mural Project

Call for Artists

Thank you for your interest in the [art block] Mural Project at The Lot.  This community mural project is seeking diverse artists to design their own 5’x5’ [art block] mural.



[art block] Mural Project VISION:

The Mural Art Project is a series of 5’x5’ blocks that showcase artists’ individual aesthetic. The location is on the grounds of an abandoned parking lot that has been activated as a placemaking plaza. Filled with seating, rugs, a stage, giant games, lighting, and much more, this plaza will be Rock Hill’s social gathering in the downtown area. This project will start out with thirty 5’x5’ spaces where individual artists generate their own mini-mural.


Think bold, fun, engaging, and impactful. Appropriate for all ages is a must. Elements that will be looked upon favorably include colorful, non-commercial, community-minded designs. Preferred themes: Opportunity, Revitalization, Dream Big, Growth, Hope, Inclusivity, Community, etc. The possibilities are endless! The design will need to include paint that lasts up to two years and is not vulnerable to high foot traffic. However, due to development demands, the owner of the lot has every right to demolish the surrounding buildings.


Mural artist will be responsible for design, fabrication, and installation of the artwork, including using appropriate paints for the surface and painting a non-slip sealant on top of the mural. Old Town Association will power wash the mural surface before the mural is installed.  

  • Mural Dimensions: 5’x5’ square

  • Surface is grey asphalt.

  • Old Town Association reserves the right to make recommendations for specific materials to be used.

  • Cost of materials will be reimbursed up to $150.

    • Sample List of Required Materials:

      • Streetbond 150 kits

      • Adhesion Promoter

      • Streetbond Sealant



The first step to becoming a muralist is to apply through the form below. Applicants with strong skills who have more mural experience will be placed in a “higher-priority” pool.