McFadden Building Mural

Call for Artists


The Mural Mile Initiative of Rock Hill, SC, is seeking an experienced artist to submit proposals for a new mural on the side of the McFadden Building, 212 E. Main St. in Rock Hill, SC. 


This project will be community-driven and facilitated by a Mural Team. This team will help select the artist, help develop the mural design, and assist in other duties deemed necessary. This particular mural will celebrate the past, present, and future of Rock Hill, specifically from the mid-1990’s to now. 

This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts, Old Town Association, and Visit York County. 


McFadden building is located at 212 E. Main St. in Rock Hill, SC, and is approximately 30-35ft tall and 50ft wide. However, this mural does not have to cover the entire wall. The brick facade located at the bottom of the wall will not be painted.  



Since the mid-1990s, Rock Hill has experienced exponential growth. With various economic and community initiatives, Rock Hill has become a downtown destination. Based on the Mural Team’s objective to showcase Rock Hill’s journey from past to present, the artist will be expected to create a design representing these themes. The final design does not have to be a literal interpretation of the theme and can be abstract in the design’s execution.


Applicants are expected to have the technical and artistic capabilities to create the design, produce conceptual drawings, receive community input throughout the process, and understand the requirements for an outdoor mural (paint, materials, etc.). An understanding of historical buildings is preferred. 


The artist selected for the mural shall be expected to collaborate closely with the Mural Team, the City of Rock Hill Planning Department, and any other necessary parties. 



The mural team will select an artist based on their application, professional qualifications, ability to work within design constraints, meet deadlines, previous projects, ability to work with outdoor materials, community engagement, etc.


The finalist will lead the design, fabrication, and installation of the artwork, including using appropriate paints for the surface that adheres to historical guidelines. 


September 14 --- Call-For-Artists released

September 30 --- Call-For-Artists Deadline, 4pm EST

October 5 --- Artist is chosen and notified

October 12-19 --- Artists works with the mural team to develop design 

October 26 --- Artist presents sketch to Mural Team

October 30 --- Artist submits final design for approval

December 7-20 --- Installation of the mural by artist


$8,000+ for artist fee and budget. Includes time, labor, design, and materials.

Equipment such as scaffold and lift rental is separate.