Chris Short

The average age of a farmer is 58.

Well, this guy is working to change that, raising beef and pork 50 feet off the Catawba in Lancaster County, Chris Short (25) owner of Green Trust Farms is growing sustainable raised meats and he’s here to tell you why.

Growing up, working with family and following an uphill battle of farming for the future, Chris Short aims to provide healthy, good quality meats. A graduate from Clemson, Chris has some insightful information on sustainable raised meats. There are a few things you should know…

Sustainable raised meats are produced without damaging the environment or threatening public health. Some may think sustainable raised, local meats are costly but choosing quality over quantity may make a world of difference. Not sure how to make the change? Try switching up your spending habits. Instead of shopping at Box stores, head out to the market once a week with the same spending dollar in mind. You may find the amounts are smaller but quality and flavorful taste speaks volumes over quantity.

Buying local helps support farmers who raise livestock responsibly. Chris Short goes through a process of rotating grazing pastures and crops in different locations to create balance and sustainability on the property. This year Green Trust Farms will be stocked with hot and mild sausage, bacon, porterhouse pork chops, hickory smoked pork snack sticks, tenderloin, ribs, Boston butts and an assortment of vegetables such as okra, peppers, pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelons and more.

Have you ever noticed the difference in taste between fresh produce and large scale produce? The same concepts applies to meats. Green Trust Farms sausage is coarse ground and wonderful in flavor and texture not to count the snack sticks are great on the go!

Come check out Chris Short with Green Trust Farms at the Old town Farmers Market this year. HE HAS THE MEATS.

Find out more about Chris Short and Green Trust Farms at www.facebook.com/gtffarms

Opening day at the Old Town Farmers Market will be Thursday, June 1st. freshen up your Thursdays and we will see you there!