JC Ferebee

Eighteen year-old farmer, JC Ferebee, is demonstrating what it means to be a good steward of his flock.

JC received his first few lambs at 12 years old. After some time, he found that getting back to basics is the best way to be a good steward. Visiting the farm, you will find a quiet and seamless operation—did you know that raising livestock could be done on just a few acres?

JC is working towards a balanced ecosystem for his animals; first lambs clear overgrown forage underneath canopy trees, then chickens move in to clean up leftover underbrush. By allowing a natural process to take place, there are less parasites near the animals, more nutrients in the ground, and the elimination of unnecessary pesticides or other harmful chemicals to the plants and animals.

“Eating meats and eggs from healthy animals is essential to maintaining our own health. Many common health problems found in humans can be traced directly to food products from unhealthy livestock.”

JC’s most notable item is the 100% grass-fed Gulf Coast “Salad Bar” Lamb. Salad Bar Lamb is used mostly to describe their diet. At Ferebee farms, Lambs go through a rotation from resting areas during the day to grazing on natural vegetation in the evening. JC is finding balance between raising livestock responsibly and allowing animals to have a peaceful

existence from beginning to end.

Ferebee Farms also raises chicken, pork, duck and turkey. Vegetables to be expected later in the season are zucchini, cucumbers, okra, tomatoes such as Cherokee Purple and Mountain Pride, Ghost Pepper’s and Carolina Reapers.

Looking for more information on Ferebee Farms?! Be sure to check them out every week at the Old Town Farmers Market or on Facebook at facebook.com/FerebeeFarm.