Penny Family Farm

Penny Family Farm purchased this beautiful 12 acre historic home after a series of life events that left them wanting more. What more could you want? This 1800s style home in Catawba was asking for a second chance at farming. Four years later, Penny Family Farm is processing chicken, eggs, pork, and beef year round. The farm is centered on providing all natural, Non-GMO, Soy Free, pasture raised chicken, eggs, pork and beef that's affordable for everyone.

One way Penny Family Farm likes to keep cost low is by allowing their cows to graze at Benford Brewing CO. - a local brewery in the Catawba area. Anytime you stop by for a beer or brewery tour, you will be sure to see Penny Family Farm’s cows grazing in the pastures.

Not only does Penny Family Farm provide all natural meats but they also uses a certified humane processor. This means the animal is under no unnecessary or extra distress in the process of handling the animal. That translates into a clean and smooth tasting piece of pork chop or steak.

Have you ever noticed that chicken breasts shrink after you cook them? This almost always happens with store bought chicken breast because they are actually injected with a saline (salt water) solution to appear fuller and thicker. When in reality they shrink up to a quarter of the size!

Penny Family Farms is a firm believer in what you see is what you get, all chicken is processed at the farm to ensure quality and freshness. This along with many other details is what sets Penny Family Farms apart from the rest. Thinking about making a switch to locally raised meats? Stop by Penny Family Farms booth to find out more about their free home delivery and weekly e-blast.

Looking for more information on Penny Family Farms?! Be sure to check them out every week at the Old Town Farmers Market or on Facebook at facebook.com/Pennyfamilyfarmfans