Awards Ceremony for Annual Literary Competition

ROCK HILL, SC – The Arts Council of York County presents the awards for the 16th Annual Literary Competition and the 8th Annual Youth Literary Competition at a free public reception and open mic at the Center for the Arts, 121 E. Main St., Rock Hill, SC on Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 5:30 PM. This reception both honors those who participated in this year’s competition, and celebrates National Family Literacy Month and National Novel Writing Month.

The Annual Literary Competitions include two categories - short story and poetry. Each category has been judged independently. Authors were eligible to enter both the short story and the poetry competition, and entries are eligible to win an award in each competition, however, there are no repeat prizewinners within the categories. The winners of the 8th Annual Youth Literary Competition will be awarded certificates of achievement.

16th Annual Literary Competitions:

  • Poetry | 20 works submitted by 13 authors from 6 cities and 2 states from across the southeast United States.

  • Short Story | 10 works were submitted by 10 authors out of from 4 cities from across the South Carolina.

8th Annual Youth Literary Competitions:

  • Poetry | 29 works submitted by 11 authors from 4 towns and cities within York County.

  • Short Story | 12 works submitted by 12 authors from 4 towns and cities within York County.

Prizes for the 16th Annual Literary Competition were underwritten by the Perihelion Club. The Perihelion Club, as a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, began in 1898 as a literary and social club in Rock Hill. Over the years, club members, individually and as a club, have supported literacy in the community in a variety of ways - by conducting story hour at elementary schools, purchasing books for school libraries and funding a scholarship at Winthrop University. Today its members continue to share their love of literature with each other and to eagerly support literacy efforts in the community by raising funds at an auction held annually at its December meeting. The Perihelion Club is very proud to encourage writers of short stories and poetry by funding prizes for this competition.

For more information on Arts Council events, contact the Arts Council of York County at 803-328-2787, by email at arts@yorkcountyarts.org, or visit our webpage at http://www.yorkcountyarts.org.