Interact with nature the way nature intended.

Jamie is a market farmer, permaculture designer, primitive builder, and advocate for health and sustainability in the greater Charlotte area. Chasing a life-long dream, she left her career in information technology to live a self-sufficient, slow life.

She spent three years living off-grid and growing her own food in the Carolina Piedmont, which was a challenge that led her to question the effectiveness of “conventional” farming methods. She couldn’t help but notice that as she meticulously turned over her garden soil, irrigated with buckets from the spring and pulled weed after weed, the old-growth forest around her garden was thriving without any human intervention. Sounds like a lot of us, right?

Upon reading "One Straw Revolution" by Masanobu Fukuoka, Jamie decided to explore natural farming and discovered permaculture principles and design. Inspired and renewed, she began attending lectures and workshops lead by agronomists and permaculture practitioners from all over North America. After the loss of several family members and friends to avoidable food-related diseases, she became determined to educate the community about the dangers of processed sugars and fast food, and began growing commercially in hopes of making quality, nutrient-dense ingredients more accessible in the food deserts of our region.

Jamie is committed to preserving nearly lost heirloom crop varieties and reviving pre-industrial farming practices. By using a blend of modern and ancient technology, she is able to grow a substantial amount of food without damaging the ecosystems that support life on earth.

Check out Jamie Vega’s booth at the Old town Farmers Market this year. Better get there early, she sells out quick!

Opening day at the Old Town Farmers Market will be Thursday, June 1st

Photo Credit: Jessica Turner