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support the Barre Mitchell Community Initiatives Fund

The Fund: The Barre Mitchell Community Initiatives Fund (BMCIF) began in 2015. It was created by Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation (RHEDC) to provide funding for projects that enhance the quality of life and support economic development goals in Rock Hill. 


Learn about the guy who inspired us to start the fund

Why Art?

What's the big deal about art, and why do we create it?

Current Projects

Check out our past, present, and future public art projects. 


Check out our 2020/2021 goals and what's coming next. 

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The Fund: The Barre Mitchell Community Initiatives Fund (BMCIF) began in 2015. It was created by Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation (RHEDC) to provide funding for projects that enhance the quality of life and support economic development goals in Rock Hill. Since its inception in 2015, the BMCIF has raised over $36,000 to support Public Art in the City. 


About Barre mitchell In 2014, Rock Hill and York County lost one of its most fierce advocates for young people, culture, and the arts with the death of Barre Mitchell. A decade after a kidney transplant, Mitchell died from complications of renal disease. To quote his wife Gilda, “Barre thought Rock Hill was heaven on earth”. “He loved this community with all his heart. He gave so much of himself, and loved every minute of it. He thrived on serving people and never wavered in his desire to help.” Mitchell served and held volunteer leadership roles with the Arts Council of York County, the American Red Cross, the Quality of Life Committee of the Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation, and the Culture & Heritage Museums, among others.


About RHEDC The mission of Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation is to benefit Rock Hill economically by fostering increased employment opportunities and by the expansion of business and industry; thereby, lessening the burdens of government and combating community deterioration. Specifically, enhancing the quality of life in Rock Hill by assisting in the revitalization and redevelopment of the City’s Knowledge Park area. 

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Why Art?
Paint Colors


Art is a Natural Human Behavior  Art is Communication

Art is Healing  Art Tells Our Story  Art is a Shared Experience

why art?

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Support our current projects


We would love to raise $15,000 for the 2020/2021 year. These funds will help support the efforts of the Bleachery Heritage Project and the continuation of the Mural Mile. 

Support for these and future projects is made possible through the generous contributions of our many partners: the City of Rock Hill, Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation, Winthrop University, the Women’s Art Initiative, The Arts Council of York County, The Old Town Association, Visit York County, as well as several private property owners and various grants. 


On Going

Mural Mile

The Mural Mile is an initiative that engages the Rock Hill community and local artists in the design and installation of 8-10 murals on various buildings throughout Rock Hill’s downtown and textile corridor within a one-mile radius.

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Past projects 



The Bleachery Heritage Project

The Rock Hill Printing & Finishing Co. known locally as "The Bleachery" was one of the nation’s largest textile finishing plants. The Bleachery site will be redeveloped to include interpretive elements that tell the stories of the Bleachery, its employees, and the role of this facility in the growth and development of Rock Hill. 



Communication: Endless Possibilities

“Communication: Endless Possibilities Past, Present, Future,” was created by artist/designer Carrie Gault of Floyd, Va. It is an interactive sculpture that has been placed at the entrance of Comporium Communication’s Telephone Museum at 117 Elk Ave. The sculpture depicts a teacher with students representing technology from different time periods. Mosaic tiles illustrate Rock Hill’s history while fiber optics light the piece at night. Led by a WAI Selection Committee, Gault’s design was selected through a juried process that followed a national call for proposals.



Freedom Walkway

Freedom Walkway celebrates the efforts of the people of Rock Hill and the entire United States of America to achieve the promise of Liberty and Justice for All. At the birth of our nation, it was a founding principle that “all men are created equal” and that no person was to be deprived of “life, liberty or property without due process of law.” 

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Wheels in Motion: Roundabout

 The “Wheels in Motion” public art project, a concept by Winthrop University student, Brandy Scholl ’16, showcases the evolution and change at the Constitution Boulevard/Columbia Avenue roundabout, just like Rock Hill has transformed over the years.

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Bleachery Heritage Interpretive Plan

A community as rich as Rock Hill holds many stories, creating the opportunity to develop strong themes. The social fabric of Rock Hill demonstrates resilience and an unbreakable spirit in times of challenge and change. Rock Hill history has been home to many courageous people who have worked for the betterment of their community. Industry in Rock Hill has shaped the community in many ways. The interpretive planning framework completed in 2018 by Conservation by Design,  provides an overarching approach to historic interpretation in the Knowledge Park district of Rock Hill, addressing efforts by three local organizations/ projects currently conducting or planning interpretation— including the African-American Cultural Center, Historic Rock Hill, and the Bleachery Heritage Project at University Center.

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