The Mural Mile is an initiative that engages the Rock Hill community and local artists in the design and installation of 8-10 murals on various buildings throughout Rock Hill’s downtown and textile corridor within a one-mile radius.

CREATE A MURAL IN DOWNTOWN! The process of creating a mural can be fun and exciting as long as you know how to prepare and properly execute the project. This how-to guide serves as a resource to bring together a wall, its property owner, an artist, and a community to make a beautiful piece of art. Outlined in this guide are two models for mural development – the artist-led model and the community-led model. Once you've looked through the guide, consider applying to be a part of the Mural Mile. 

mural #1:

warehouses on white

130 W White St, Rock Hill, SC

Date of Completion: April 2020

About the Artist: Osiris Rain is an international muralist and post contemporary figurative painter. He is the founder of Osiris Rain Studios and the North Carolina Academy of Art. His murals and paintings are featured in numerous private and public collections across the globe, including The European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, Spain. 

mural #2:

"no room for racism"

130 W White St, Rock Hill, SC

Artist: Heather Johnson & Community Members

Date of Completion: July 2020

About the mural: The Friendship Nine, or Rock Hill Nine, a group of Black men who went to jail after staging a sit-in at a segregated McCrory's lunch counter in Rock Hill, SC in 1961. The design, in block letters, reads “No Room For Racism,” a city motto that dates back to the tenure of Mayor Doug Echols. The first letters are filled in with the colors in the city’s logo, and the last nine letters are the faces of the Friendship Nine hand-drawn in black and white.


application info: Artists who apply to the Mural Mile program are not automatically selected to paint a mural. The following application is simply an internal resource for site owners and organizations. This allows the site owners and organizations to see a list of potential artists. We will only contact an artist (who as applied) if the site owner or organization is interested in the artist. 


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Al ingresar a los eventos de Old Town, usted comprende y acepta que su fotografía o imagen se puede tomar en cualquier lugar público. Además, otorga permiso y consentimiento a la Ciudad de Rock Hill y a las entidades sin fines de lucro que trabajan con la Ciudad para promover el área del centro de la Ciudad para usar dicha fotografía, película o imagen para cualquier propósito razonable.